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200uL xTIP4 for LTS, Filtered, Racked Sterile

200uL xTIP4 for LTS, Filtered, Racked Sterile

200uL xTIP4 for LTS, Filtered, Racked Sterile

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Pkg 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Pack
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200uL xTIP4 for LTS, Filtered, Racked Sterile

96 Tips/Rack, 10 Racks/Pack

xTIP4® Pipette Tips are designed for Rainin® Pipets with Biotix® technology in order to improve seal, accuracy, lower sample retention, and lower ejection forces.



FlexFit®, StarStop™, X-Resin®, and Blade® technologies enhance every aspect of these tips.

  • FlexFit® technology features a flexible proximal end to ensure a secure seal with much less force then competitor tips. The FlexFit® seal is able to be secured with just the weight of a pipette while competitors struggle to make a seal.

  • StarStop™ gives consistently low ejection forces. Engineered at the perfect depth to utilize the light insertion force of FlexFit®.

  • X-Resin® gives low retention properties to the entire Biotix® line. X-Resin® is proven to drastically reduce sample retention keeping sample in the results and improving accuracy. With better sample retention your lab can save money by limiting reagent costs.

  • Blade® technology lowers the chance of hanging droplet formation by reducing surface tension at the distal end of the tip. Blade® eliminates the need for tip touch off saving you time with each draw.

All tips are certified free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogens, and PCR Inhibitors. Pre-Sterile products undergo E-Beam radiation. Manufactured under stringent controls in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Each lot is tested for accuracy and precision, ensuring superior quality and compatibility. All raw materials are controlled and inspected for quality.

All racks include a label with a unique bar-coded serial number, part number, and description for traceability to the individual rack.


RNase/DNase Products are washed in distilled water and concentrated via centrifugation. Samples are added to previouslyestablished nucleic acid standards, incubated for one hour at 37°C, and tested on a 2% gel using electrophoresis.Products must show no degradation of standards to pass. Test sensitivity is 10-7 Kunitz units/μL.

Nucleic Acid Products are washed in distilled water and concentrated via centrifugation. Then, samples are added toprotocol specified PCR reactions and thermal cycled for 50 cycles. A 2% agarose gel electrophoresis isused to examine experimental samples, positive controls, and negative controls. To pass, product samplesmust show no DNA amplification. Test sensitivity is 10 ng.

Endotoxin/Pyrogen Products are tested for endotoxins by using the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) gel assay accordingto FDA guidelines. Test sensitivity is 0.06 EU/ml.

Trace Metal Products are washed in distilled water. The sample is then tested using reflectometry using a single striptest for the following metals: Ca, Cu, Fe, K, Mg, Mn and Ni. Standard solutions are used as positivecontrols. A reader is used to detect metals to a sensitivity of 500 mg/L.

PCR Inhibitor Products are tested via PCR amplification and gel electrophoresis analysis. Samples must show normalamplification to be considered free of PCR inhibitors.Sterilization Products are sterilized using electron beam irradiation.

CV Test Each lot of Biotix product is CV tested and the resulting CV is then printed on the pack label. The volumetested is equal to the maximum volume per tip size.