250ul LTS Tips

250ul LTS Tips

Eclipse Pipet Tips for use with Rainin LTS Pipettors

Our soft fit pipet tips are designed specifically for the RAININ LTS LiteTouch-System. These tips feature a soft and flexible sealing area for easy tip mounting.This tip and pipettor combination can reduce tip ejecting forces by up to 85%.
Manufactured from virgin polypropylene, these products are lot certified to be free of Human DNA, RNase, DNase, Endotoxins and Trace Metals.
These tips are designed for an ergonomic soft tip fit. For easiest ejection, apply less than 3kg of force when mounting. Do not force the tips onto the pipettor barrel with excessive force.


Part # Description Price Pkg Qty
EK-3702-R 250ul Pipet Tip LTS Style, Racked $32.52 96/RACK; 10 RACKS/PK
EK-3702-L 250ul Pipet Tip LTS Style, ReLoad Trays $29.59 96/Tray; 10 Trays/Pack
EK-3702-RS 250ul Pipet Tip LTS Style, Racked Sterile $40.51 96/RACK; 10 RACKS/PK
EK-3712-RS 200uL LTS Style Filter Pipet Tip, Racked Sterile $80.46 96/RACK; 10 RACKS/PK
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