Avidien MicroPro 300

Avidien MicroPro 300
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Avidien MicroPro 300

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Avidien MicroPro 300

The smallest automated 96/384-channel benchtop pipettor on the market


Avidien MicroPro 300 Perfoming a Dilution


  • Multi-Function Pipetting
  • Intuitive iPad Touchscreen Command Interface w/Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • Touchless Tip Ejection 
  • Saved Custom Programs 
  • Pipetting Depth Recall (or PDR Function)
  • 7.5 x 8.25 inches


The MicroPro 300 is the most compact pipettor available for multi-function pipetting (simple, repeat dispense, variable dispense, mix, aspiration, dilution).
It also has the ability to save complex custom programs for multi-step assays.

The Pipetting Depth Recall (or PDR function) provides the user the ability to set, store and utilize a virtually unlimited number of containers with completely customizable depth settings.

The MicroPro 300 comes with a ready-to-use tablet and features an intuitive iPad touchscreen command interface with Bluetooth connectivity.

Its small size - only 8 inches wide! - makes it ideal for use in crowded labs or inside the hood.

Key Functions:

Simple Pipette with Mix
Repeat Dispense
Variable Dispense
Dilute with Mix
Multi Aspirate with Mix
Custom Programs


Volume:  5* - 300 uL
Footprint:  19.5 cm x 21 cm (7.5” x 8.25”)
Max Height:  31.5 cm (12.4”)
Weight:  4 kg (10 lbs)
Precision:  15 - 30 uL <2% C.V.
30 - 300 uL <1% C.V.

*See manual for performance at low volumes


Box of Standard Tips

Tablet with App Pre-loaded

Tablet Stand with Optional Security Lock

Avidien MicroPro 300 Pipetting Into 384 Well Format