DNA Stains

DNA Stains

Compare to SYBR safe and GelGreen and SAVE!

  • Replaces hazardous ethidium bromide (EtBr)
  • Better sensitivity than EtBr (down to 0.1ng)
  • Excitation of both UV and blue light Ships at ambient temperature (store at 4°C)
  • Two types: PS (Pre-Stain) or LD (Loading Dye)
  • Compatible with SmartBlue™ Transilluminator


Part # Description Price Pkg Qty

SmartGlow Loading Dye with Stain, 1ml (6x)

$84.15 1ml (6x)

SmartGlow Pre Stain, 1ml (20,000x)

$84.15 1ml (20,000x)
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