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Hybridization Bottles

ProBlot™ hybridization bottles are constructed of high quality borosilicate glass which meets or exceeds the requirements for Class I, Type A glass of ASTM 438. The glass has a low alkalai content and a low coefficient of expansion. Heavy walled, the bottles block >95% of the beta emissions given off by 32P. The high temperature caps have a rugged PTFE seal for leak-proof performance, even after prolonged use. The seals fit tightly into the caps and will not fall out when the caps are removed from the bottles. Bottles, caps and seals are resistant to all common hybridization reagents, including PEG. A variety of bottle sizes are available. Use of the proper sized bottle conserves valuable reagents and expensive probes. A convenient stand can be used for storing bottles upright when not in use.

  • Heavy walled, borosilicate glass
  • PTFE seal for leak-proof performance
  • Resistant to common hybridization reagents


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