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MyVolt Touch Electrophoresis Power Supply

MyVolt Touch Electrophoresis Power Supply

MyVolt Touch Electrophoresis Power Supply

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MyVolt Touch Electrophoresis Power Supply

  • Touch screen control

  • Bright color display

  • Dual orientation, auto rotating display

  • High performance specifications

    • Max Voltage 300V

    • Max Amperage 650mA

    • Max Wattage:  100W


The Accuris myVolt™Touch is a work horse electrophoresis power supply, ideal for efficient separation of nucleic acids and proteins as well as basic western blotting applications. Four pairs of output jacks are wired in parallel for connecting multiple electrophoresis tanks. A color touch screen allows quick setting and monitoring of all run conditions, including run time, voltage, and current.  Users can select “Constant Current” or “Constant Voltage” during an electrophoresis run, keeping the chosen parameter fixed as resistance changes. The dual orientation design with rotating display allows the myVolt Touch to be installed in the most convenient location, on a shelf or bench, saving valuable space.

The myVolt Touch features a logical user interface.  Setting up an electrophoresis run couldn’t be easier; simply touch the parameter to select it, press the “up” and “down” arrows to adjust the value, and then touch “Start”.  All parameters are always displayed, with no need to toggle between Time, Voltage or Amperage.  In addition the run status is always displayed.



Output Setting:

Constant Voltage or Constant Current

Voltage Output:

10-300V (1V increments)

Current Output:

4 – 650mA  (1 mA increments)

Max Wattage:


Output Terminals:

4 pairs


1 min. – 20hrs


No load, load change, overload detection


2 x 2 in. color touchscreen


2.0 lbs / 0.9 kg


8.5 x 6.3 x 4.0 in 21.5x 15.5 x 9.75 cm


100V to 230V, 50/60Hz