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Other Cell Strainers

Premium Cell Strainers for 15 and 50 ml tubes

  • Superior design - faster flow, no clogging
  • 1 mm feet for use in plates or dishes
  • Interlocking and stackable
  • Designed for use with 50 ml tubes
    (Adapter for 15 and 5 ml tubes included)


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Part # Description Price Pkg Qty

40 um Cell Strainer w/15 ml adapter, Blue, Sterile

$85.29 50/Pack

70 um Cell Strainer w/15 ml adapter, White, Sterile

$85.29 50/Pack

100 um Cell Strainer w/15 ml adapter, Yellow, Sterile

$85.29 50/Pack

Reducing adapter for use with 15mL and 5mL conical tubes

$58.31 25/Pack

PolyPestle double-sided pestle for cell strainers and 1.5mL microtubes

$39.00 50/Pack
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