RNA MiniPrep

The OmniGenX RNA MiniPrep Kit yields
high quality RNA. High levels of genomic DNA
contamination are present in the competitors preps.

RNA MiniPrep Kit Features:

● Processing Time: 10 minutes
● Elution Volume:30μl
● Binding Capacity: 100μg/prep
● Complete sample recovery with NO carryover
● Purification from a wide range of cell type including cultured cells, tissue, etc..
● Applications: RT-PCR, qPCR, hybridization, etc..
● Purify RNA fragments ≥ 17 nucleotides and/or large RNA ≥ 200 nucleotides


We are very excited to announce our new distribution partnership with Zymo Research. Zymo Research is recognized for its innovation of high quality nucleic acid purification technologies. Whether it's epigenetics, DNA, RNA, E. coli, or yeast based research, market leaders have placed their trust in Zymo’s proven technologies since it opened its doors in 1994. The company&rsquo...

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