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Integration Info & FAQs



It is with excitement and anticipation that we share with you, our valued customers, that E&K Scientific will soon be fully integrated into Thomas Scientific and its systems. Our teams have been working diligently to ensure that your purchasing experiences and service levels continue to meet and exceed your expectations.

All of your most trusted products currently purchased from eksci.com will now be available at ThomasSci.com. These products will join a portfolio of close to 700,000 additional Laboratory and Clinical products to support your research.

The merging of E&K Scientific into Thomas Scientific will allow us to become your one-stop destination for all of your research needs, while continuing to offer the unparalleled customer experience that you’ve known for almost 50 years.

We appreciate your patience during this process and invite you to check back here for the most current and up-to-date information in regard to this integration, in the coming days. We also encourage you to contact our customer service team if you feel that we can be of further assistance.


E&K Scientific Products

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Integration FAQs - COMING SOON

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